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PB has won the 2018 Digital Innovation Award

Precision Biosensor Inc. has won the 2018 Digital Innovation Award in Biotechnology recognized for its development on POCT(Point-Of-Care Testing) Time-Resolved Fluorescence detection technology using freeze-drying reagent in cardiovascular disease diagnostics field.


Sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Digital Innovation Awards by the Korea Daily, annually selects and awards the most outstanding company with core technology that help strengthen the national competitiveness. The Award has been presented to create a place of opportunity for the companies from each field of industry to get inspired and promote Korea in knowledge-based information.


In addition to this Award, Precision Biosensor has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with U.S. Nexus Dx, Inc., a company specializing in In-Vitro Diagnostics equipment and reagent, to develop POCT Instrument and its services on September 7, 2018.


The signing of the MOU will see to the furthermore recognition of the research and development capability of Precision Biosensor in the global market and its continuous enhancement of higher quality level products that satisfy the needs of the market.


With more than 16 years of experience in the development of immunodiagnostics product and sales know-how, Precision Biosensor has secured to provide full solutions to the customer from supplying the raw materials to manufacturing and distribution of the products.


The POCT field takes a large portion in the whole IVD market with its size growing rapidly especially in the developing countries. The POCT market in Cardiovascular Diagnostics accounts for 22%, which is higher than that of other POCT-IVD tests.


Precision Biosensor’s most advanced TRF detection technology and its point of care testing technology for cardiovascular disease diagnosis will enable patients to get their results more precisely and quickly helping to secure their health and life.