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Precision Biosensor Elected by MedTech Outlook Magazine for "Top MedTech Solution Providers in APAC 2020"

Precision Biosensor has been awarded Top MedTech Solution Providers in APAC 2020 by a global healthcare magazine MedTech Outlook.


MedTech Outlook Magazine’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted MedTech Solution Providers in 2020 that are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions and can offer robust products coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field. And as a result of evaluation, Precision Biosensor is honored to be elected as the only in vitro diagnostic company as the Top MedTech Solution Providers in APAC 2020. 




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Precision Biosensor - A Major Breakthrough in POCT


As the healthcare sector’s understanding of new diseases evolves with time, the need for accurate and rapid diagnosis continues to grow. Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic has accentuated the importance of effective testing in healthcare. This is where point of care testing (POCT) is increasingly gaining steam. Over the year, POCT has demonstrated measurable improvements in patient care, workflow efficiency and significant financial benefits. However, the growth of POCT devices is often hindered by the lack of accuracy, which leads to a high rate of false positives and false negatives.


If there is one company that can be credited with the advancement of POCT and overcoming these challenges, it is Precision Biosensor. As an in vitro diagnostic company, Precision Biosensor provides accurate clinical diagnosis solutions based on various disease biomarker detection technology. Precision Biosensor deals with businesses that deal with Research and Development of diagnostics reagents and devices to the production of raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of products. “Thanks to this system, our primary customers, mainly distributors all around the world, will be supplied with high-quality products at competitive prices and our end clients, such as hospitals and patients, will be provided with greater access to high-performance products which are securely managed under our fully integrated system,” says Hanshin Kim, CEO, Precision Biosensor.


At the outset, Precision Biosensor was born in 2015 from the merger of Nano-Ditech—a US-based company specialized only in the manufacturing of cartridges, and Terawave—a Korea based company whose primary business was ODM of analyzers based on its technology of developing satellite cameras. Precision Biosensor utilized the technologies of both companies and developed its high-sensitivity POCT platform including imaging TRF (Time-Resolved Fluorescence), 2D image-based ultrasensitive fluorescence detection technique, and cartridges applying the TRF technology.


The uniqueness of Precision Biosensor lies in its core technology—Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) Imaging Technology. Precision Biosensor is a leading company in the world, providing image-based TRF POCT products which have high sensitivity and accuracy that can detect single-digit picograms of biomarkers at a relatively reasonable price. Based on image processing technology accumulated through experience in the development of camera sensors for satellites, Precision Biosensor can quantitatively detect and analyze immunodiagnosis cartridges with TRF technology by combining 2D image-based ultrasensitive fluorescence detection technique and sub nanosecond optical timing control technique. “We are aiming for two aspects: “Above POCT (Point-of-care Testing)” and “Ruling Out”. For “Above POCT”, we are focusing our R&D on the biomarkers and areas that need higher sensitivity which are difficult for the existing POCTs to access. And for “Ruling Out”, we are striving for improved efficiency and reduced medical expenses when diagnosed with expensive equipment such as CT and MRI, and making “Ruling Out by POCTs” come true,” states Hanshin Kim.


At the core, Precision Biosensor specializes in POCT Platform and has been developing products to improve hospital accessibility for patients by providing higher performance diagnostic devices. The unique TRF Platform is well-positioned to attract potential global companies and research institutes with various biomarkers, which can contribute to the development and commercialization of novel and competitive diagnostic items. Hanshin Kim explains, “Such unmet needs in the market are growing due to COVID-19 outbreak, while at the same time, new trends such as telemedicine is also blooming. In order to help more and more people to be diagnosed with better technology and increase QoL levels, we are working with RIGHT Fund (Research Investment for Global Health Technology Fund) on the research and development of Exdia Mobile product which are more compact and has higher connectivity than the existing devices, as well as a combination product for simultaneous detection of Influenza A&B and COVID-19 infection.” Exdia TRF Analyzers use large stokes shift and long decay time of Europium and eliminate the background from detection signal, leading to an enhanced sensitivity compared to the existing fluorescence POCT products. To cope with the market conditions during COVID-19, Precision Biosensor has successfully developed a POCT kit, Exdia COVID-19 Ag, which can diagnose COVID-19 infection within 20 minutes using antigen-antibody reactions. “We hope our technology, together with our products, can help the diagnosis of COVID-19 infection towards a more accurate and faster way,” Hanshin Kim adds.


High Success Streak


Further illustrating the benefits of the unique TRF platform, Hanshin Kim cites a case of developing a product for diagnosis of brain injuries. Through continued research, Precision Biosensor’s partner company found a combination of biomarkers that could be used to diagnose brain injuries by a drop of patient blood instead of expensive and time-consuming CT scan or MRI. However, due to the high sensitivity requirements of detection, they were not able to apply the research results and launch new products with the existing POCTs. By collaborating with Precision Biosensor through open innovation and by utilizing its TRF Platform, the two companies are now developing a novel brain diagnostic POCT applying the company’s biomarkers. They are stepping towards the mutual goal of commercializing the brain diagnostic POCT together all over the world.


Continuing on this journey of innovation, Precision Biosensor plans to expand to Japan, besides its overseas market in Europe. “Our vision is to provide confidence in making clinical decisions with our advanced diagnostic solutions and improve quality of patient healthcare. In the short-term, we are committed to the commercialization of diagnostic products applying novel biomarkers onto our TRF Platform,” informs Hanshin Kim. The company also aims to evolve into a biomarker platform company different from the existing market via launching new diagnostic items and expanding diagnostic domains and eventually present New Paradigm POCT such as clinical chemistry and mobile POCT.




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