Core Competence

Precision Biosensor is a fully integrated company
that deals with a wide array of businesses ranging from the supply of raw materials to the R&D,
manufacturing, distribution and sales of diagnostic reagents and analyzing devices.
  • Self development of FDA-approved monoclonal antibody
  • Know-how on LFA reagents composition optimization using fluorescence particle (Eu)
  • Operation of manufacturing facilities certified by KGMP and ISO 13485 (TÜV SÜD)
  • 20+ global partners from Europe, China and Russia, etc.
  • Precise control technology over camera and light source
  • AI-based image processing technology
  • Connectivity technology for wireless data integration and diagnosis
  • Co-development of new test cartridges with global NGOs, domestic and foreign companies
  • Mobile diagnosis, multi-channel diagnosis and high-throughput analyzers are under development for satisfaction of the market’s unmet needs